RMA responds to metals compensation snags

Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA) responded to a doctors’ letter on metals compensation snags, assuring of prompt IOD claims payments.

Dr Deodat Kritzinger, RMA General Manager: Medical, responded; We have read your article with great concern. As a result, I have personally engaged the complainant, Dr Salcedo-Loza, to offer the necessary assistance to him.

We had an amicable telephonic discussion and it would appear that Dr Salcedo-Loza’s main concern was that he had tried several times, without success, to register on Rand Mutual Assurance’s (RMA’s) MSP portal.

Despite assistance from the RMA training division, and a link that would provide him with access to the MSP portal, Dr Salcedo-Loza remained unsuccessful in his efforts.

During our fruitful discussion Dr Salcedo-Loza did not raise any other concerns when prompted.

I requested that he send me the mails he received so that I could provide further assistance to him.

For background, from 1 March 2015, Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA) became responsible for administering all injury-on-duty (IOD) and occupational disease claims for all Class 13 (iron, metal and steel industries) business in terms of the Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Act (COIDA).

Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA) CEO Bishnath Jay Singh (photo; Jeremy Glyn).
Rand Mutual Assurance (RMA) CEO Bishnath Jay Singh (photo; Jeremy Glyn).

RMA has a proud 121-year track record of successfully administering compensation claims for occupational injuries and diseases for the mining industry.

The company prides itself on prompt and efficient claims management and payment through the personalised service of their experienced staff and a market-leading IT system.

In order to ensure that all Class 13 employers and employees, along with medical service providers, were adequately prepared and informed on the new claim submission process, RMA embarked on an extensive communication campaign, which commenced in December 2014.

This campaign included emails, letters, countrywide information sessions and an advertisement through the South African Society of Occupational Medicine

In addition, because RMA was taking over the administration of Class 13 COID claims from the Compensation Fund, the Fund itself initiated a far-reaching media campaign, informing all stakeholders about the transfer.

Advertisements appeared on radio, in print, as well as outdoor media. The Compensation Fund also held roadshows countrywide in February 2015 to inform stakeholders of the transfer.

 Sustained communication programme aimed at healthcare service providers In terms of the information conveyed to medical service providers by Rand Mutual Assurance, the following communications were sent to doctors on the Board of Healthcare Funders’ (BHF’s) database:

 A first communication to all providers informing them of the transfer was sent in December 2014;
 A second communication informing providers of RMA’s processes and the submission of medical invoices was sent in January 2015;
 A third communication informing providers on RMA’s online provider portal was sent in January 2015;
 A fourth communication informing providers about RMA’s training support and training schedule was sent in February 2015;
 A fifth communication giving providers additional claiming information was sent in March 2015.
Each of the communications was also sent out by the South African Medical Association (SAMA) to their database via their official communication channels.

In addition, RMA met with and informed all hospital groups of the Class 13 transfer and this was conveyed to the hospital groups’ providers via their own official communication channels.

These communications are available on Rand Mutual Assurance’s website in a special Information Zone targeted at medical service providers.

This includes all the information a medical service provider needs to submit medical invoices, such as a training video, forms, contact details, a medical portal and an FAQ, in order to ensure timeous payment. The website link is:


BDO Building, 1st Floor,
22 Wellington Road, Parktown, 2193
PO Box 61413, Marshalltown, 2107
Tel: 0860 222 132
Fax: 0860 222 203
Fraud Line: 0800 21 22 56

RMA metals compensation taining sessions

A training session was held on 19 May 2015 in Port Elizabeth where I met with the five doctors and 14 administrative assistants who attended the session.

Doctors were invited to the session via various channels – the BHF list, SAMA, SASOM, the Alliance of South African Independent Practitioners Associations (ASAIPA), the medical switches and the hospital groups.

The details of the next PE training session, which are also available on the RMA website
(http://www.randmutual.co.za/InformationZone/NewsUpdates/ClassXIIINews/HealthcareProviders/tabid/351/Default.aspx), are 12 August 2015, 9 am to 1 pm, at Pine Lodge, Marine Drive, Summerstrand, Port Elizabeth; Reply to rmatraining@randmutual.co.za

RMA invites all medical services providers, their representatives and any other interested parties to attend this information session.

The session will include details on medical reports; general requirements for admission /treatment; acute, sub-acute and further treatment; tariff fees; medication; the processing and settlement of invoices and the RMA Medical Portal.

Please let us know if we can render any further assistance in this regard.

-Yours sincerely, Dr Deodat Kritzinger General Manager: Medical

* Sheqafrica.com reported on the transfer of metals workers a year ago, and again a month ago.

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  1. Thanks for your input. I’m sure that and an e-mail I forwarded to RMA expressing my, and other medical colleagues’ concern for not getting anywhere with the metals compensation registration and claim processing, has prompted the polite and sympathetic reply from Dr Kritzinger, which is reassuring. At a difference with the Compensation Fund, now embroiled with the Medical Association regarding the doctors’ position, and the still reigning chaos with the fund.
    This is on the positive side. On the negative side, I have not succeeded as yet with the RMA, but I feel optimistic, how having direct communication with them, that the problems could be sorted out in a few days more. I hope so.

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